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1. How do I start taking pole dancing classes?

  • Start with Intro level, then move up to Beginner level classes.

  • Think about this: do you want to dance or not?

  • If yes, then take Pole Dance and/or floorwork. If not, then join Pole Tricks.


2. Can men take pole dancing classes? 

  • Yes! We welcome everyone regardless of gender expression


3. How do I prepare for pole dancing class?

  • You do not need to have pre-training or a special background to take pole classes. Don't fall into a trap of trying to prepare for pole dance by doing different types of activity. eg. one does not train for figure skating by doing Zumba. Same applies here!

  • Come as you are and we will get you there. Our training program is built to work with beginner-level students without any prior background.

  • You will build your foundation as you take pole classes, and will gain strength and flexibility to be in the best shape of your life throughout our training program.


4. What do I wear to pole dancing class?

  • Pole Tricks classes: shorts, no shoes. Heels are optional.

  • Pole Dance classes and heels floorwork classes: leggings or shorts, and knee pads. Heels are optional. Knee pads are available for rent at the studio ($5), and so are heels ($10).

  • Flexibility classes: shorts, leggings, or any comfortable fitness wear.

  • Lyra classes, Aeril Chains classes, Flying Pole classes: leggings and long sleeves.

  • Do Not Wear any perfume, and do not use body lotion before classes. Maintain body hygiene.


5. What kind of shoes do I wear to Pole Dance classes and Floorwork classes?

  • Shoes are not a requirement for pole dancing classes. They are a part of the technique for Pole Dance and Heels Floorwork, but starting in socks is perfectly fine. After a few classes, you will decide whether you want to invest in shoes or not.

  • A specific type of pole shoes will be needed. For your first pair, we recommend shoes or boots (your choice) with a 7” heel. 

  • Students are allowed to wear shoes in Pole Tricks classes.

  • If you’d like to see what they feel like, shoes are available for rent at the studio for $10.


6. Can I watch a class before taking it?

  • Being watched may make students in class uncomfortable, therefore, we do not have “watch a class” option.

  • We do have plenty of videos from our classes  on our Instagram page, under  hashtag #akpolestudio  and in our highlighted stories. Browse through those until you feel comfortable taking a class. 

  • Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions via text (619-607-3722).

7. What’s the difference between Pole Dance classes and Pole Tricks classes?

  • Pole Dance is a choreography class. Pole Tricks is a fitness workout class. Both types of pole classes are extremely fun and a great workout, but they are definitely different.

  • Some people do pole tricks only, and some stick strictly to pole dance. There are also plenty of those who can't live without both.

  • You do not know until you try, and it only takes one time to fall in love!

  • Full class description is here.


8. What’s the difference between Pole Dance classes and Floorwork classes?

  • Floorwork and Frame Up are a non-pole class. The pole is not used in floor work classes at all. Only floor dance.

  • Floorwork classes are extremely fun, will dive into sensuality and offer a great workout! 

  • Some people do floorwork only, and some stick strictly to pole dance. There are also plenty of those who can't live without both.

  • You do not know until you try, and it only takes one time to fall in love!

  • Full class description is here.


9. Can I take Flexibility classes only? Or aerial classes only?

  • Yes, you CAN. You may take flexibility only, pole only, aerial only or mix and match classes. It’s up to you!


10. Can I get more help choosing my training program?

  • Each instructor will be able to answer all questions and give recommendations.

  • In-person consultations with the studio owner are available upon request.


11. How long are pole and aerial classes?

  • Our pole dancing and aerial classes are 50 to 70 minutes long depending on the class type and a class level. Please check the schedule.


12. Is there an age limit for pole dancing classes?

  • The starting age for pole tricks, aerial, and flexibility classes is 12 years old. 

  • The starting age for pole dance and heels/floorwork classes is 18 years old.

  • One may take pole dancing classes if under 18 with parent/guardian consent.


13. Are private pole dance classes available?

  • Private training, competition coaching, teacher training, private dance and special occasion training are available.

  • Private lessons are a good start for students who may feel shy and want to prepare to enter a group class environment.

  • Further on, having regular or occasional one-on-one coaching accelerates the learning process to reach your fitness and dance goals. 

  • In case you feel overwhelmed, or plateau in training, try to dive deeper into the empowerment journey and improve finesse and technique through one-on-one guidance.

14. Is there a weight limit for pole dancing classes?

  • Not at all! We encourage everyone of all shapes and sizes to take us for a spin. There are endless accomodations for varying strength levels and body types.

  • Don’t let anything hold you back from signing up for your first class!

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