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1562 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA

It only takes one time to fall in love

Boutique-like studio in the heart of the Pacific Beach since 2022.

Pole Dancing
         and Aerial Classes

Why are we different?


We value quality over quantity.


There is always only one person per pole in our classes. 


We offer classes that other pole dance studios in town don’t: Flying Pole, Aerial Chains, and FrameUp classes. 


Our aerial classes are smaller capacity and create a private-like atmosphere.


We host Pole Shows, Birthday Parties, Bachelorette Parties and Private Events.


Our studio is a perfect venue for content creation, photo/video sessions and workshops.

Classes we offer

How to start Pole Dancing classes:

  • Don't be shy if you are an absolute beginner and know nothing about Pole and Aerial World.

  • Class levels at our studio are: Introduction (Intro), Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.

  • Start with  Intro level 

  • See full schedule here.

Anna K.

The owner of AKPole Studio

Anna is a certified pole dance, flexibility, and yoga instructor with a ballet background

She took her first pole dance class as an adult in 2013 and became an instructor just a few months after. Since then, Anna trained hundreds of students, won and judged multiple pole dance competitions, attended and taught specialty workshops and training camps in and outside of the United States, and organized an international Pole Dance Championship “Exotic Generation USA” in 2019.  

Her specialty is Fundamentals of Pole Tricks, Exotic Pole Dance and FrameUp/ Stripplastica styles. ​

“My passion is to empower women to tap into their badassery, sensuality, and true confidence to become the queens that they are. I love sharing my pole dance knowledge.  I guide my students into finding their strengths and developing them in a unique dance style. My goal for each and every student is recognition of their fears and overcoming them once and forever.”

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