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Intro to Pole Course


What is Intro to Pole Course?

This is our bestseller! A unique product created for students who want to join the world of Pole. A four weeks program introducing pole terminology, basic holds, spins, tricks and climbs in a No Pressure environment. 

Having the same group of students and an instructor during the course creates a very special “home - like” atmosphere where students reach the best results. In addition, you will learn about grip aids, proper attire for each class, and differences between types of classes. All that will help to choose the next most effective step for training. 

Our beginner level tricks program is 6 months long on average. Jumping into a class with someone who has a few months experience already may seem challenging which isn't the case for those who have completed the Intro Course. 


We recommend two Intro to Pole Courses before starting Beginner level classes.

Who may skip Intro Course and go to the Beginner level right away?

- Aerialists with 2+ years of experience.

- Anyone who has done pole for at least 3 months in the past.

If you were a gymnast, ballerina, dancer, figure skater, or professional athlete in the past, don't skip Introduction level -  Pole is a professional sport discipline.

Who is this course for?


Absolute true beginners without prior pole dance experience or background in any dance or sports discipline.


Those who may be a little shy or timid. After this course you'll be
a confident beginner pole person.


Those who want to do it right. We'll teach you all things you need to know for your pole journey.

How does it work?

Day and time of each class are as assigned and repeated weekly.
A student may attend an Intro to Pole Course once or twice a week.

Intro to Pole Course may be taken unlimited amount of times. 

Current Schedule

Mondays 7:30pm - 8:20pm
Thursdays 6:30pm - 7:20pm

Price of a course

4 classes 1x a week - $99 ($24.75/class)
8 classes 1x or 2x a week - $185 ($23/class).

Class Capacity

No more than 10 students

How to book?

Open the Schedule to see which Monday or Thursday has an open spot, click Book and proceed with the registration and a payment. 

Make a recurring reservation for all classes (email us if need help).

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Course purchases are non-refundable. Course classes expire in 4 weeks ($99 option) and in 8 weeks ($185 option) after the first class. Classes cannot be rescheduled, and do not roll over. No credits may be issued for missed classes.

All late cancel and no show policies apply. Course may be taken an unlimited amount of times.

Not Ready to Commit? Sign up for any introduction level class as a drop in.

What our students say about the course

You can read more review about AKPole Studio here

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