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Classes We Offer

Intro to Pole Course

Before you go any further, pause here. Start with our 4-week Intro to Pole course that meets once a week on a specific day and time. A student may take it once, twice, or three times. The complete Intro to Pole program is covered one course. 

This curriculum prepares a student for all of the beginner-level pole classes. It is designed to introduce the basics of the pole dance discipline in a soft pace and ‘’No Pressure” environment. Basic steps, turns and holds, and intro-level spins and tricks will be taught here. 


Who is this course for? 

- Absolute true beginners without prior pole dance experience or background in any dance or sports discipline.

-Those who may be a little shy or timid.

-Those who want to do it right.

Who may skip Intro Course and go to the Beginner level right away?

- Aerialists with 2+ years of experience

- Anyone who has done pole for at least 3 months in the past.

-If you were a gymnast, ballerina, dancer, figure skater, or professional athlete in the past, don't skip Introduction level -  Pole is a professional sport discipline

How does it work? 

Day and time of each class are as assigned and repeated weekly. Course purchase is non-refundable. Classes cannot be rescheduled, and do not roll over. No credits may be issued for missed classes. Course cannot be converted to a different purchase option after it has begun. Course expires in 4 weeks after the first class.
All late cancel and no show policies apply.

Pole Tricks

This is not a "sexy" class. Pole Tricks classes focus strictly on the athletic side of pole discipline. There is plenty of conditioning here, and while learning spins and tricks students develop  core and upper body strength along with improving flexibility and mobility. Students will be taught tricks and spins here on both static and spinning pole. 


You will learn how to climb, invert (go upside down), defy gravity, and create breathtaking shapes in the air that you never knew were possible. No matter your beginning strength level, anyone can take this class as we develop the foundational muscles and elements gradually. Leave your worries at the door and begin a new journey built on strength, power, and grace.


Heels are completely optional — feel free to bring them if you’d like.


Pole Dance

Pole dance is one of our most popular classes. It has it all: tricks, spins, high heels, glitter, and sexy. Here you became the goddess of pole dance from scratch.

This is a dance class. It combines choreography in heels on and around the pole that involves pole tricks and floor transitions. Dance routines are taught in a consistent and progressive manner where students develop fluidity of the movement, choreography memory, and improvisational skills. After just one class, you will feel beautiful, empowered, and hungry for more.

Class does not require a dance background, and may be attended without heels. Knee pads are needed. Available for rent at the studio ($5). Shoes are $10 to rent.

Flexibility Class

Have you dreamed about being able to do the splits?
We have the best coaches for you to reach your dream!


Trained in flexibility, mobility and yoga disciplines, our instructors help students develop healthy and effective stretching practices to achieve their flexibility goals. Come ready for conditioning, active flexibility exercises, and deep full-body stretches that range from relaxing to challenging.


All flexibility levels are welcome here. You do not have to attend pole or dance classes in order to attend our flexibility program. Simply enjoy our flexibility class and get your splits on! 


Flying Pole

Flying Pole is a specialty class that is rarely found in studios across the US. No other pole studio in San Diego offers this type of class. This is where pole meets aerial. If you are an aerialist, the flying pole is great cross-training.


Flying pole is a silicone pole that orbits. It is attached to the ceiling point only. This class requires prerequisites that can be obtained in regular pole tricks classes. E.g. pole climb.


For pole dancers, flying pole is a new challenge as it requires orbiting skills and control. This apparatus allows you to defy gravity and challenge your body in an entirely new way. Call on your muscles and get ready to discover a different kind of spinning. If you like to fly, then this is your new best friend!

Read class prerequisites when signing up.

Lyra (Aerial Hoop)

Lyra is an aerial apparatus in the shape of a big hoop.
It is most often seen in Cirque du Soleil-like shows.

It’s a totally different type of workout than Pole, but requires and develops the same amount of upper body strength, abs, and flexibility. It does not require pre-training and is just as accessible for adults as all of our Pole classes.

Aerial Chains_edited.jpg

Aerial Chains

This is another unique class that only AKPole Studio offers in San Diego.

This extremely rare apparatus will have you hanging and flying like never before, creating hauntingly beautiful shapes you didn’t know were possible. For those who are bold, daring, or like to live on the edge, this is an incredibly niche aerial skill to add to your repertoire.  

If you are familiar with hammock, this will be an easy transition. Many skills from Pole, Lyra, and other aerial apparatuses translate well to Chains. Learn how to fly on double or single chains.

FrameUp (Heels Floorwork)

This is a non pole class. Dance is performed with or without heels on the floor. This class is a good start if pole classes seem intimidating. It is great dance training for established pole dancers.

See an example of FrameUp (Heels Floorwork)

​AK Pole Studio specializes in a sensual style of floorwork that is called Stripplastica (aka Strip, FrameUp Strip). Stripplastica is a female dance style that emerged in the early 90’s in Russia, and now has overtaken Europe, and is making its way into the US.  This style of dance gives women the opportunity to connect with their body, learn to dance, and develop grace, fluidity and sensuality... a truly feminine type of movement that is accessible for any age and shape. 

Class does not require a dance background, and may be attended without heels.

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